home again, home again

it's hard to believe that almost a month at home has gone by already. 

are you seriously putting me on a plane again?

it was a wonderful vacation filled with friends, family, reading on the deck, lounging at the beach, sushi dates and numerous shopping excursions. sadly enough, it actually felt like a luxury trip compared to my normal life. i had a car, a washer + dryer (no more hoarding quarters!) and television. 

but, there is a handsome man, a job, and a beautiful city experiencing prime weather right now waiting for me. plus, this blog is titled 'lnk in pdx', so i should probably get back to pdx, right? i'm really excited to get to work on my summer goals. we also have a few visitors in the upcoming months that i can't wait to see.

the hardest part of leaving home is saying goodbye to these people:


i'm just a little bit obsessed with my family + how much fun we have together. because my dad sheltered me was overprotective, the first time i ever spent any significant time away from home (read: more than a weekend) was the summer before my freshman year of high school. then, i went to college at uconn. then, i moved across the country + locked myself into three years there. one of these things is not like the rest. perhaps this is why i struggle so much with bouts of homesickness. or maybe i'm just a big baby who needs her mommy + daddy. regardless, i love them more than words can say.

see you on the west coast!

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