four things friday

i thought five things friday was going to have to be canceled earlier today, when i woke up at the crack of dawn feeling feverish and nauseous. it's unfortunate that i felt so awful on my last full day home, but i'm grateful it happened today and not tomorrow (flying with a stomach bug = no bueno).

here are five four (hey, i'm sick) things that are cheering me up right now...

toile. it's my absolute favorite fabric, and one day, i hope to fill my home with toile everything. toile wallpaper, toile linens, toile chairs, toile couches! drew's stepmom, donna, brought me one step closer to achieving my toile dreams by giving me this shower curtain.

treasures from my grandmother's store. i'd say the style i'm attracted to most is somewhere in between bold southwestern patterns + dainty vintage florals. does my grammie know me well or what? i have plans for a fun project with the handkerchiefs when i get back to portland.

moving right along with the vintage floral theme, check out this adorable shirt i got from urban outfitters yesterday on sale. allie thought it was an extremely weird shirt, and that only i would think it was perfect. i love it!

manicures. i used to scoff at the idea of wasting money on a manicure when i could just give one to myself. so i gave one to myself, and turns out, it looks like a toddler did it for me. my sister and i have been going once a week to get manicures, and i've become slightly addicted to trying a different color each week. i also find the whole experience relaxing. this week's color of choice: absolutely shore. "a soft sea foam green".

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