a summer love letter

dear, portland -

i love you in the summertime.

i love you for warm, sunny days with no humidity. days where we can hang out on our lawn with our neighbors.

i love you for the beautiful berries you produce, which jill picked, and made into a smitten kitchen cake for us to devour (i love jill for this as well).

i love you for the delicious reisling that i sipped while eating said cake.

i love you for being such a walkable city. i'm not eligible for a student bus pass or a gym membership this summer because i'm not enrolled in any classes, so i'm walking the 2.5 miles (free + exercise) to work every day. it doesn't hurt that this is my view.

i love you for outdoor dinners made on our tiny little grill. dinners like homemade black bean burgers.

served on a bed of cabbage with salsa verde + guacamole.

love, lauren

ps - penny loves you too. she especially loves you for making us open the windows, letting her see the great big world outside.

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  1. bah love this! love portland. need to see you asap! :o)