sleep talkin'

one of my most favorite things in life is when people talk in their sleep. something about the random, incoherent things they mutter while lost in dreamland cracks me up every single time. luckily, i'm dating someone who talks in his sleep quite frequently. usually, i'm asleep too, and only wake up for a moment after hearing his crazy chatter and therefore cannot document (or remember the next day) the hilarity of it all. the other night, however, i was wide awake and able to capture this little gem of an exchange...

d: babe, can you please call for the sheets?

l: what? what does that even mean?

d: ughhh!!! you know what it means!!! call.. for.. the.. sheets!!!

l: i actually don't know what that means (dying of laughter).

d: ugh fine!!! just ring downstairs.. they'll do it..

obviously, the next morning he had no idea what he was talking about or why he got so sassy with me when i didn't understand, but i'm still laughing about it.

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