scenes from the weekend

well, the past week has been... interesting. a false self-diagnosis of appendicitis lead to a friday night emergency room trip which ultimately lead to a real diagnosis of food poisoning. the doctor said no coffee, alcohol, or foods not included in the brat diet (or all the fun things in life). the highlight of my weekend was giving myself a manicure and the most exotic thing i ate was toast with mashed banana. i was feeling well enough on sunday to walk down to the hawthorne street fair to listen to some live music + enviously watch drew eat delicious food. as of today, i'm still ill -- how long is this food poisoning going to stick around?


1. beginners. i knew i would love this movie. it was incredible!
2. essie's clambake.
3. picked up a copy of the design*sponge summer newspaper.
4. beer ice cream (and salted caramel which i painfully ignored).
5. drew enjoying his ability to eat solid foods.
6. girl playing keyboard off the back of a bike.
7. mas musica.
8. got that little green polka dot scarf for $1. perfect to wear as a headband!
9. queen penny turned two.
10. loving on the birthday girl.

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