make your own stationery

not being able to go to work this week (or leave the house in general) is driving me a little bit insane. i'm waiting on some test results, but the doctors are now almost positive that i ingested a parasite from the local tap water. a parasite! for the girl who is the world's #1 germaphobe + who has nightmares about the show monsters inside me. eating has been a disaster (as a result, i've lost an unhealthy amount of weight in the last week and have zero energy). naturally, i've been trying to stay busy and keep my spirits up. crafts + mad men marathons have certainly helped.

i first got the idea to make my own stationery when i saw a cute vintage typewriter stamp in a store. i bought the stamp, some alphabet stamps, ink, card stock and matching envelopes. buying cards is always expensive + handmade items have so much charm that i think people appreciate and enjoy. on the front, i stamped the card stock with the typewriter and included the words "just writing to say..." and the back is reserved for whatever the occasion (happy birthday, get well soon, thank you, hello). the whole project cost me around $12. i think my first one will go to my parasite: just writing to say... get the hell out of my intestines.


  1. whaaat!!!! oh no! I am so sorry to hear that!! I hope you feel better asap (& am so impressed by this beautiful stationary! love it)

  2. LAUREN! What a teeny, tiny, wonderful world (and such a seriously adorable blog)! Thank you Mary for bringing us together!

    Also, get rid of that parasite asap.

    xox, Lena