can't wait

{can't wait to see}

beginners. doesn't it look wonderful? it gave me that feeling inside that i get when i know i'm going to really adore something.

{can't wait to buy}

this retro swimsuit from j.crew. i've been looking for a similar (read: cheaper) one everywhere, but i just can't seem to find one that is as lovely as this. i want to splurge on it even though i'll only get to wear it a handful of times this summer.

{can't wait to read}

the paris wife. since i can't cure my wanderlust + cravings to go back to paris, i'm going to keep torturing myself with this book. it's written from the perspective of hemingway's first wife, hadley.

{can't wait to waste hours of my life on}

pinterest. according to the site, pinterest is "a virtual pinboard". you simply "pin" things that you find interesting, beautiful, inspiring, etc. then you can share them with others! i've already spent way too much time on this site drooling over photographs...

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