yesterday's walk home from work was perfect. what had started out as a drizzly + chilly morning turned into a warm + sunny late afternoon. i tucked my raincoat into my bag, rolled up my pant legs + walked with a big smile across my face. every day, i've been in the habit of listening to the beirut station on pandora. all of the songs make me feel like i'm walking to some incredible destination. like i'm on an exciting adventure. when really, i'm walking somewhere quite boring like my apartment. or in yesterday's case, the local hardware store.

i picked up some supplies for a little project that i had in mind. i also stopped by the farm stand near my apartment to purchase some veggies for dinner. it's sad that i forget that this place exists until i literally walk right by it. every time i do go in and see the beautiful produce, i kick myself for not visiting more often. 

but, back to my project. remember these lovely handkerchiefs? i had a vision of what i wanted to do with them since my grandmother gave them to me, and i finally got around to it last night. as always, it sounded like an easy idea in my head, but i struggled a little with the execution of it. after a few frustrating attempts to measure the string (difficult with a playful cat around) + accidentally hammering my thumb instead of the nail, i got this:

it's hanging over our kitchen table. i'm not sure my two male roommates dig the girly floral patterns as much as i do, but it certainly brightens up the room a bit.

in just a few minutes, drew's mom will be here! visitors are fun because we get to act like tourists all over again, rediscovering things we love + discovering new things to love.

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  1. Love Beirut! You're right, great walking music. And that farm stand looks amazing, I'll have to check that out. Have a great time with Drew's mom!