highs and lows

since returning to portland, i've experienced some highs and lows. mostly highs. but, let's get the lows out of the way first:
  • apparently, i have terrible allergies here at this particular time of the year. i have my very own pharmacy in my room right now complete with an inhaler.
    • apparently, the month of july does not actually mean summer here. it's still cloudy, chilly + pouring rain.
    • apparently, i get really grumpy when i can't go to the gym. i miss having the space to go and burn off energy + relish in my "lauren time". i'm definitely caving and buying the monthly pass in august.
    now for the highs:
    • not having a gym membership has forced me to appreciate other kinds of movement. mainly, yoga + walking. with my two legs being my main mode of transportation this summer, i had to invest in a new pair of shoes. i'm not talking about the frye boots i've been coveting, or these beautiful pale blue jack rogers from anthropologie. i had to put fashion aside when buying these and focus on functionality. i hate to admit it, but i actually love them. they are so comfortable! drew bought a new pair too, so we've been cruising around together in our ugly matching shoes.
    • i scheduled my work weeks to end on thursdays, so i have fridays off!
    • i discovered that my old high school friend, mary, is living in oregon too. we met on thursday for drinks + it was wonderful to catch up with her. she also has a lovely blog.
    • since it was my first official weekend back, i completely blacked out the fact that i need to watch my spending + let myself fully enjoy it (tacos at porque no?, macarons at pix patisserie, live music at the doug fir, shopping, and a girls' night bar crawl). 
    • i'm back in my own kitchen where i know where all of the utensils + ingredients are. there's no better way to end a week than with a delicious, comforting home-cooked meal. 

    spaghetti with scallops, blistered tomatoes + saffron "cream" sauce 

    cook up pasta of your choice (whole wheat spaghetti for me) + set aside. for the tomatoes: toss cherry tomatoes with a little saffron, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper + rosemary. roast in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. for the scallops: sear scallops in a little olive oil in a pan on high heat. after about 3 or 4 minutes (or when you see the scallop is a caramel color), flip + let sear on other side. plate spaghetti, add the tomatoes + a bit of soft goat cheese to create a creamy sauce + top with the scallops and some fresh basil.

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