almost over

as the end of my visit in connecticut nears, i find myself running a million errands and trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with friends + family. why must portland be so far away? it's cruel that i only get to see the people i love the most once or twice a year.

today, i managed to check one of my summer traditions off my list: poppy's pool. in past summers, i spent my days off from nannying at my friend sarah's grandfather's (poppy) pool. poppy is a cute little italian man who makes candles in his garage. his pool is the perfect place to catch up on gossip + escape the sticky, humid air.

a patriotic poppy's pool.

after sufficiently bronzing freckling myself, i drove north to new haven to see my other college roommate, allie. i love allie. she's my strangest friend. she's studying to become a parasitologist. you've never seen someone get so excited over parasites. we spent hours shopping + had dinner at the incredible claire's corner copia. i had a lavender lemonade (much better than my own) + the quesadilla california: whole wheat tortilla baked with mozzarella, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms + served with their black bean salsa. so good.

she seems normal...
...but no.

the one errand i strategically "didn't have time for" this trip was going to the dentist. i know teeth cleanings are necessary every six months, but i really really really despise them. sorry, mom. i promise i'll go when i get back to portland...

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