five things friday

today i'm loving ...

this blazer that i bought at the j.crew outlet. it's lightweight and comfortable. it will be perfect for work, play + to wear out on a chilly night.

this little teacup that i found thrifting with my dad. it's the perfect size to store my bobby pins + looks much nicer than the strip of cardboard that they come on.

midnight in paris. this woody allen gem was so charming. the costumes, music and characters (ernest hemingway, f. scott fitzgerald, picasso) perfectly captured paris in the 1920s (which i became fascinated with after reading a moveable feast).  i've been to paris once, for 24 hours exactly, and i really regret not eating my weight in french macarons when i had the chance.

picnics on the beach. my college roommate was visiting from brooklyn, so i drove down to see her + we enjoyed our packed lunches on the beach. i've been spending as much time as possible at the beach (with plenty of sunscreen!) before i have to go back to the land of gloomy skies + rain. unfortunately, this means my face is now plastered with freckles. how am i supposed to look over the age of 15 with all these freckles?

baking. i made these lemon bars to bring to a bbq tomorrow. except i subbed whole wheat pastry flour for the all purpose flour + added in fresh blueberries. i'm serving them on this platter that i put together from more thrift store finds!

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