scenes from rhode island

over the years, our family vacations have gone from lasting for two weeks to lasting less than 24 hours. a typical family trip will go a little something like this: 
  • set alarms ambitiously early, but oversleep.
  • mom tells dad to buy lunch supplies + pack the cooler. dad forgets. no lunch.
  • mom, sister and i wait impatiently in the car while dad inspects all locks + appliances.
  • finally drive away, but have to turn around after 10 minutes because dad firmly believes that he left (insert appliance here) on. 
  • within the first hour of the trip, sister and i have already found something ridiculous to fight about. this morning, it was her screaming profanities at me for "stealing" her bathing suit.
sounds pleasant, right? that's why our day trip to rhode island today was short and sweet. it was just enough time for some family bonding + bickering + getting lost. we spent the afternoon on the beach in rhode island, followed by an outdoor dining experience in mystic at s & p oyster co., and ended up at the j.crew outlet (my happy place) on the ride home.

rock shrimp + asparagus over whole wheat pasta + lemon butter sauce.

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