lavender lemonade

my favorite summer drink is fresh-squeezed lemonade, so i decided to make some for the holiday with the addition of lavender. you still get the refreshing tartness from the lemons, but there's a slightly floral undertone. i spiked mine with a little vodka, poured it over ice, and deemed it the perfect sunny day cocktail.

lavender lemonade adapted from martha stewart

3 lemons 
1/2 cup fresh lavender (straight out of drew's dad's garden!) 
1/2 cup agave nectar 
5 1/2 cups water
    zest 2 lemons and place in pot with water. bring to a boil, add lavender + simmer on stove for 10 minutes. strain liquid from pot, and add in agave nectar + the juice of the lemons. let cool completely, then pour into a container with ice.

    happy fourth of july!

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