cleanse, day two

the second day of the cleanse was relatively painless! i slept a blissful nine hours the night prior, but woke up the next morning craving coffee and feeling hungry. after i drank the first juice (the grapefruit, mint and ginger), i felt satisfied. there was a point during the day when i felt lightheaded, but i realized that i didn't have enough water. one of the most important parts of the cleanse is to remain well-hydrated throughout, and as soon as i realized my mistake and drank more water, i felt fine. i found it was helpful to fill up the bottles with water once i finished a juice, and drink one or two of those between juices.

liz warned me that the first day is the hardest, and she was definitely right. on the second day, i felt more energized and less irritable than the first day (which i'm sure my coworkers appreciated). in a weird way, the day seemed to go by faster than usual. as someone who looks forward to and plans every meal meticulously, it's oddly freeing to not have to think about my food for once. working out a good schedule of when to drink each juice and knowing what to expect made the second day more manageable and enjoyable. i also dreamed about "the om" (the hazelnut "milk") all day long—it's so, so good.

everyone says the last day of the cleanse is the best, so i'm looking forward to it!

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