cleanse, day three

i finished! as excited as i am about eating solid food (and drinking coffee) again, i feel like i could have continued on with the cleanse, which is a testament to how good and balanced the juices were. the cleanse was the perfect way to have a fresh start for the new year, cleaning out any toxins that had built up, while also putting my eating habits back in check. over the holidays, i ate whenever food was around, instead of when i was actually hungry. now that the cleanse is over, i have a better handle on reading my hunger cues and i'm certainly more in tune with my cravings.

benefits—my skin cleared up and seems to be glowing, i got to bed early and slept like a rock every night on the cleanse (i'm usually a bit of an insomniac) and i feel more comfortable in my jeans. i also felt a sense of euphoria on the last day.

drawbacks—the only drawback i experienced was not being able to do much of anything social on the cleanse. maybe it's just a portland thing, but most activities revolve around food and alcohol here, so i usually retreated to my apartment after work and went to bed early.

would i do it again? absolutely. the benefits far outweigh any of the small negatives for me. i could see myself doing a cleanse once a year (it's actually recommended that you do four a year, with the seasons) around this time again. if you're in the portland area, i highly recommend portland juice press! i have a feeling i'll be going back plenty of times to get some more of that hazelnut "milk" that i'm now addicted to.



  1. ooooh, good stuff! a cleanse for the new year is so fitting! xoxo

  2. Portland Juice Press is my friends co! So glad you had a great experience. Sharing this blog with them now. :)

    1. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing it with them. I only spoke with Liz but she was so great. I've actually been craving the juices now that I'm done with the cleanse!