best veg

over the weekend, drew's dad treated us to a fancy dinner out at wildwood. wildwood is known for daily menu changes, inspired by what's fresh and local in the moment. the bottle of local pinot noir we shared was divine and my entree was pretty life-changing. for once, i had a vegetarian meal that completely blew me away. it wasn't the token vegetarian meal put on the menu just for the sake of having one (i'm looking at you, bland pasta dish). it was carefully crafted, flavorful and healthy.

i felt strange pulling out my camera in such a nice restaurant, but i managed to snap a picture on my phone. the dish had freekeh, eggplant, little fingerling potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, castelvetrano olives, feta, all surrounded by brown butter harissa and a drizzle of oregano yogurt. it was like a vegetarian moussaka from heaven. i'm still dreaming about it.

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