scenes from the weekend

i feel like i was eating during every waking moment of the past weekend. we had homemade fish tacos, a fancy dinner out, brunch, dessert, a brewery lunch, mexican, thai (just to name a few). we took drew's dad to our requisite favorite places, but also stepped out of our comfort zone a bit. on sunday, we attempted to drive out to a wine tasting, but drew's dad and i both notoriously get carsick (we had to turn around and go home halfway into the drive). at one point, we were so sick that we serendipitously pulled over at a crusty flea market where i fell in love with some $1 pink vintage candlesticks. everything happens for a reason!


1. virginia woolf at tasty n sons.
2. feta, fried sage, butternut squash and carmelized onion frittata.
3. farmers market gourds.
4. i ate macarons from three different places in one day. i call it "research".
5. father and son.
6. anyone know what these are?
7. we exercised a little.
8. margarita, chips and guacamole to sabotage the aforementioned exercise.
9. fate brought me to these beauties.

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