scenes from the weekend

well, this weekend turned out to be rather rainy and cold. i'm not sure if it's here to stay (for the next ten months) or if this is just a fluke. i don't actually mind the weather now that school has started. my law class requires an absurd amount of reading and writing time, more than i have ever been faced with, so i'm grateful that i don't have to worry about gorgeous weather tempting me to neglect my studies.

on saturday morning, i was at the gym when it occurred to me that i hadn't been to the portland state farmer's market in a long time. i made a stop there on my way home and indulged in far too many macarons, chocolates and cheese samples. note to self: don't go to the farmer's market right after running 4 miles.

oh, and remember chris? he moved here! he lives in a great area right down the street from us, which finally gave us an excuse to try the nearby grilled cheese grill. i got the havarti, tomato, honey mustard + avocado on whole wheat. it was exactly the comfort food i was craving on a rainy sunday.


1. the goldenrod: champagne, absolut pear, st-germain and lemon.
2. honeycrisps are back!
3. dahlias, my favorite flower, were abundant at the market.
4. baby sun gold tomatoes.
5. chocolate hazelnut macarons.
6. lavender infused caramel covered in salted dark chocolate.
7. sunday morning coffee and pleasure reading.
8. the double-decker bus where we ate. 
9. jay and chris, in all their grilled cheese glory.

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