scenes from the weekend

this weekend began with a lot of congestion, sneezing, and general lack of ability to move out of bed. on sunday, just as cabin fever was reaching a breaking point, drew and i finally started to feel like ourselves again. this coincided nicely with the arrival of chris, who just finished being a man of the sea (he worked on a cruise that toured the columbia river + docked in portland bi-weekly). it's been fun having him here on and off all summer, and i'll be sad to see him go back home on wednesday. last night, i also had to (reluctantly) say goodbye to mary, who is moving to brooklyn to start an exciting new job. i'm going to miss her dearly, but we had a proper send off with delicious wine + pizza at the globe.

1. sunflowers at the farm stand.
2. smoked salmon, gouda + scallion frittata made for brunch.
3. gorgeous cherry tomatoes.
4. penny, being weird.
5. fun string lights.
6. chris and drew enjoying a bucket of beer.
7. chris and i.
8. pesto, tomato and goat cheese pizza with sauvignon blanc.
9. mary and mike (and a ghost man).

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