that grandma sense

i can't wait to be a grandma someday. most of the time, i already act like one. i have a bad back, like to wear large knitted sweaters + typically get into bed before most people go out to party. but regardless, i can't wait to have that sixth sense that grandmas tend to have (they somehow always know everything all at once).

between my stomach troubles, back to school anxiety, and discovering that penny has feline asthma (yes, there is an inhaler for cats called the aerokat), i've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. yesterday, i came home to a package on my doorstep from my grandma containing the cutest old framed photograph of my parents on their wedding day + me as a youngster. the attached note read, "thought you would want this to warm your little home in portland". how did she know? how could she tell that this cute old photograph was exactly what i needed to cheer me up? must be that grandma sense.

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