scenes from the weekend

this was the last weekend before (my final year of!) grad school begins. on saturday evening, drew + i saw bon iver. turns out, justin vernon's voice makes me melt just as much (if not more) live. on sunday, i went to the design*sponge craft event that was held at the beautiful ace hotel in downtown portland. grace bonney was so warm and friendly, and led us through a stamp diy out of her new book. alexandra hedin came from seattle to provide us with tasty treats + drinks. i ended up making two different stamps and placed them on a canvas tote together. and as if the weekend couldn't have been any better, it started to feel like fall! the cool, crisp weather prompted me to make a batch of this curried butternut squash and lentil soup.

1. happy bon iver fans.
2. a glimpse of the stage (we were pretty far back on the lawn).
3. adorable table display.
4. cupcakes.
5. (a blurry) grace bonney and i.
6. sporting my newly stamped tote bag.
7. curried butternut squash and lentil soup.

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