scenes from the weekend

we had a beautiful weekend here in portland. though we were on house arrest for all of friday (due to keeping an eye on my sick, heavily sedated cat after a nightmare trip to the vet), we still managed to get ourselves outside on saturday + sunday to make up for it.

the other night, as drew and i were walking home, we got to talking about how much our view of portland has improved since the weather has changed. as much as we gripe about it in the rainy months, it's hard not to fall in love with this place when it's sunny, 75 degrees + no humidity. everyone comes out of hibernation, the streets are lined with people enjoying outdoor happy hours, street fairs are abundant, and gorgeous flowers have bloomed everywhere. there's something so satisfying about walking to all of our destinations in this gorgeous weather that i will most certainly miss when summer is gone.

1. organic eggs + veggies + homemade corn tortillas at the farmer's market
2. drew digging in
4. a trip to powell's, drew's version of heaven
5. pretty sidewalk
6. margarita in a mason jar made by jill
7. lily
8. sweet old scooter
9. failed attempt to take a picture with mt. hood 
10. j.crew dress snagged at a tag sale on the walk to mt. tabor for $2!

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