feeling nostalgic

today, this song came on + it instantly tugged at my heart strings a little. 

my senior year of college, i had the pleasure of living with two of my favorite friends in a charming victorian house in willimantic. allie, my crazy parasite loving roomie, would always bust out into spontaneous dance parties. she'd put on the above song (or party in the usa...) while we were getting ready to go out, in the middle of breakfast, or when we were doing homework. didn't matter what time of day, we always had to stop what we were doing and start dancing like idiots. 

i know it's cheesy and cliche, but i will think of that year fondly for the rest of my life. it's the year i painted my room my favorite color, which ended up being a terrible decision because it had a glow-in-the-dark quality about it (but i loved it regardless). it's the year i discovered what i wanted to do with my life, worked my ass off, and got into graduate school. it's the year drew and i decided that we were going to move across the country together. it's the year i worked in a cute little coffee shop and ate my weight in bagels and spent many nights drinking wine with friends. it's the year i became a mom to a furry little kitten named penny. most of all, it's the year that i lived with a bittersweet understanding that i was never going to experience anything else quite like it again.

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