leaving on a jet plane

tomorrow night, penny and i will be on a red-eye flight home. 

she's thrilled.

as much as i'm looking forward to spending quality time with family + friends, driving my car again, and eating an authentic new york bagel (or three), there are a few things i'll miss in portland while i'm gone. 

for example, living with my best friend.  

who else would go on a nighttime stroll with me under the guise of "burning off dinner's calories", despite having a clear destination in mind?

i ordered two macarons. i will miss these so. much.

salted caramel nuggets of joy.

another thing i'll miss? portland's access to healthy choices. despite the occasional indulgence (see above), it's easy for me to lead a healthy lifestyle here. tomorrow, i'm squeezing in a vinyasa yoga class to alleviate stress and stretch my body before i sit on a plane for six hours. afterward, i plan on grabbing a vegan brown rice + edamame bowl from my beloved cafe yumm in lieu of an airport dinner.

one thing i certainly will not miss? the bus. good riddance, #14. you are never on-time and always filled with lunatics. also, good riddance, bus driver who always pulls over to chain-smoke for ten minutes while i'm stuck inside next to a man putting pink lipstick on his eyelids.

and with that said, see you on the east coast!

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