for dad

happy father's day to my lovable, overprotective and quirky father. 

picture stolen from my sister.

i'm a total daddy's girl. when i was young, my mom worked full-time in new york city, so my dad stayed home and cared for me. he chaperoned my field trips. he made me spend countless hours in his music room listening to everything from the band to traditional ukranian music so i could develop an appreciation for all different types of sounds. in honor of father's day, here are some life lessons i've learned from my dad:
  • remember to lock your doors. creeps are always on the prowl. 
  • constantly check expiration dates + smell food before you consume it. 
  • you can never have too many cacti. 
  • successful thrift shopping is an art form that takes true skill and dedication. 
  • making native american crafts + jewelry doesn't make you less of a man. 
  • at every opportunity, try to embarrass your daughters. this includes but is not limited to: conducting family fire drills while the neighbors are watching and wearing a huge furry hat when you pick them up from school. 
  • don't put anything important on top of the car before you drive away. it will fall off and you'll never see it again.
today, we took my dad + grandpa to a lovely spot by the river for some bbq. i'm so grateful to be home with my family and i know i'm going to thoroughly enjoy the next three weeks.

dad's cacti collection.
dreamcatcher that he made.
where we dined.
mom + sister.
picture stolen from my sister. i need an iphone.
bring your own wine.

happy father's day, dad. thanks for making me the loving, paranoid and quirky person that i am today.

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