hair today, gone tomorrow

remember when i mentioned that life was getting a bit crazy? well, this happened...

goodbye hair

no, i did not go insane and chop off my own hair. i did what any normal woman who is sick of her hair does: gave it very little thought and ran to the nearest hairdresser before i changed my mind. my hair had grown so long that it was becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming to tame. and by tame, i mean straighten. my natural curls were starting to do strange things, leaving me resembling the love child of alanis morissette and weird al yankovick. 

terrifying. after the hairdresser had washed and combed my hair out, she measured it with a ruler and realized that i had ten inches of hair to spare to donate to locks of love. she assured me that there would still be "enough" hair leftover on my head. immediately, flashbacks of the bowl cuts my dad used to make my sister and i get when we were younger flooded my brain. i grappled with the choice, pleaded that she not make me look like a little ukranian boy (bowl cut flashback), and ultimately decided to just go for it. 

i survived! afterwards, i treated myself to a celebratory bite at the food carts next to the salon. i had a spicy tofu and kimchi taco from the amazing koi fusion truck and a blood orange sorbet from the oregon ice works truck for dessert.

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