reality bites

last week felt like a vacation. a delicious, much needed vacation. we had beautiful weather here in portland, conveniently timed with the arrival of my parents. after only hearing me complain about the never-ending rain and gloom, they were greeted with sun and warm breezes all week. way to make me look like a liar, weather.

i took a few days off from work and enjoyed some r&r at my aunt and uncle's secluded home on parrot mountain- just about 25 miles outside of portland.

we did what we do best when we all get together: eat and shop. it was the perfect dose of seeing my parents to get me through until my visit home this upcoming summer. i was hit with a wave of sadness after they left, but that comes with the territory of moving across the country away from the ones you love.

saturday boasted some of the best weather i've experienced in portland so far. my friend jill and i took advantage of it by visiting the farmer's market and laying out in a park. and despite thinking it was impossible while living here, i got a sunburn.

as a result of such a fantastic week, i was dreading my alarm this morning. it was back to reality for me, and when reality bites, it bites hard. after only being on the bus for a few stops, the driver accidentally hit a parked car. she made everyone evacuate the bus and "consoled" us by letting us know the next bus would be arriving in 28 minutes. so, i ended up walking to work. did i mention that the rain decided to come back today? i arrived at my office looking like a sweaty, disheveled maniac. 

but, i was wearing the new blouse my mom had just bought for me. and, my freckled face reminded me that i was reacquainted with vitamin d this past weekend. and, my (now slightly larger) belly was full with wine, tacos, and french macarons. all of these things were a reminder that i should be grateful for spending quality time with family and friends and enjoying life's pleasures. happy monday.

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