this past weekend, i came across an original (and cheap!) copy of moosewood cookbook by mollie katzen. i'd been meaning to add it to my collection for quite some time, as it's essentially the vegetarian bible, so i grabbed it.

the recipes (hand-lettered and illustrated by mollie herself) are straightforward, simple and timeless—all things i appreciate and strive for in my own kitchen. the book is in pretty rough shape (it was published in 1977), but the various stains on the worn pages just signal that it's been well-loved over the years by messy, hands-on cooks.


for my first (of many) recipes made from moosewood cookbook, i kept things easy with standard guacamole. normally, i throw some avocados in a bowl with fresh lime and salt and call it guacamole, but the addition of garlic and lemon in this recipe really made all the difference. i'll never go back to my lazy girl's version again!

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