salted dark chocolate peanut butter cups

i've made a dangerous discovery. with two ingredients and about five minutes of prep time, i can have incredibly rich peanut butter cups whenever the craving strikes. there are many recipes out there for homemade peanut butter cups that involve adding powdered sugar or honey, but i really don't feel it's necessary to mess with the simplicity of the two ingredients. i mean, it's chocolate and peanut butter—you just can't go wrong with that combination!

salted dark chocolate peanut butter cups (makes 6 large cups)

about 7 oz dark chocolate
1/2 cup peanut butter (i used the kind you grind yourself at the store)
pink himalayan sea salt, for topping

line a muffin tin with cupcake liners and set aside. pour the chocolate chips in a bowl and microwave on high in increments of thirty seconds, stirring in between. after about two or three thirty-second sessions, the chocolate should be nicely tempered (smooth and shiny.) pour a little bit of the melted chocolate into the liners and use the back of the spoon to coat the bottom and sides of the liner evenly. next, drop in a little bit of peanut butter and spread it to fill up the center. then pour more chocolate over the peanut butter to cover it completely and sprinkle salt on top of the cups. place muffin tin in the fridge for thirty minutes, or until the cups are set.

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