sunday crafting

i spent the better part of sunday afternoon working on this little project. it was cold and drizzly outside, and i was glad to have something to keep my hands busy while my mind sorted through some heavy thoughts that have been looming lately (my 25th birthday is right around the corner, and like clockwork, i've been having a bit of a quarter-life crisis). painting these brightly-colored wooden spoons cheered me right up! another thing that eased my twenty-something existential woes? watching the latest episodes from season two of girls.


  1. Ok, so I'm in love with your blog. I just met up with the girls of Eyes & Edge and will be a semi-regular foodie contributor now, and discovered your site. I love your taste, photography, and your cat! So glad to have discovered you!! Totally linking to you on my site :)

    1. wow, sweetest comment ever—thank you so much! and your blog/recipes look incredible... can't wait to see your posts on E+E! we should meet for a coffee or drink sometime, i'll shoot you an email :)