quick trip to the coast

i drove up to seaside, oregon this past saturday to visit my man (he was at a conference for school). before drew started his program, i'd only been to seaside in the summer and didn't really care for it; the beach was so crowded with tourists and the boardwalk reminded me of coney island (which i'm strangely terrified of). but, for the past two winters, i've lucked out with beautiful cold, sunny days and desolate beaches. i think that's enough to make me have a change of heart. i made sure to pay a visit to the pendleton outlet and got to spend some time with drew's classmates and professors—all such lovely, warm people. and how about that sunset view from the top of the hotel? pretty dreamy.


  1. Swings on the beach are the only reason I continually return to Seaside.

    1. oh man, i didn't get to go on the swings! next time :)