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i'd never considered doing a juice cleanse, namely because i think of myself as a healthy eater, but i allowed myself to fully enjoy my long trip home, complete with multiple glasses of wine every night and indulging in foods i don't normally eat. this, along with the stress of travel, came at a price—i've been feeling lethargic and sick and my skin needs some clearing up.

i knew that if i was ever going to do a juice cleanse, i would go through portland juice press. i first heard about them through eyes + edge, but after emailing with liz, one of the owners, i was sold. liz answered all of my (seemingly) silly questions promptly and enthusiastically. she worked with me to adapt the juices to my tastes and preferences and had it ready for me within a few days of my inquiry. it's apparent that liz and ashley put customer service high on their list of priorities.

portland juice press uses organic and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables to create a diverse array of juices. the juice is pressed using a hydraulic pressure extraction system, meaning that it is completely raw and all of the nutrients are kept intact. liz and alyssa work with a naturopathic physician, ensuring that the juices are packed with vitamins and enzymes to allow for maximum energy while doing the cleanse. the juices are bottled within 24 hours of pressing and have a 72-hour shelf life. portland juice press delivers your daily juices before 8am, or if you have a work conflict (like me), you can pick them up yourself prior to the start of the cleanse and store them in your refrigerator.

the most important (and reassuring) thing i've learned in researching this cleanse is that it is not a fad diet to use as a tool to quickly drop weight. regardless of how well we try to feed our bodies with nutritious food, countless additives and toxins work their way inside of us. cleanses allow the body to take a break from processing all of these toxins and help to rebuild the immune system—it's a reboot for your entire body!

the benefits can range from clearer skin and improved sleeping patterns to increased energy levels and reduced aches and pains—all things i'm hoping to experience as a result of the cleanse. every person has different results and experiences, so i will be documenting mine over the course of the week. here are the logistics:

length: 3 days
cost: $120
juices per day: 6 (at 16 oz each)

note: i was not compensated in any way for this review. this blog is a space to share my interests and the things i love and i wanted to share my experience with you. all opinions are completely my own!

image via portland juice press

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