scenes from the weekend

i can't believe in one week we'll be flying home for a long holiday visit! i'm expecting the next few days to be a little bit crazy with packing, finishing school and other last minute necessities.

over the weekend, we checked out lizard lounge for drew's potential christmas gift. he's in the market for new eyeglasses, and these warby parker ones are well-made and do a good deed as a bonus. a haircut, homemade thai food, hard cider, and a 4-hour long stroll with jill around the neighborhood made for the perfect way to relax and enjoy portland before i leave for a little while.

1. warby parker showroom
2. lots of hip glasses
3. cider makes us silly
4. macarons + gelato for jill and i
5. pink sparkle polish to add to my little collection
6. christmas lights hung around the kitchen

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