home sweet studio

just a few decorations shy of being all settled into the new studio! the only downside to living on the third floor (and in the back) of the building is the lack of natural light, so i apologize for these grainy pictures.

when you walk in the "front door", directly to the right you'll see the "living room". the "living room" came complete with a hideous old phone that we can't remove and a useless cabinet that can barely fit anything in it besides the pictures that i taped up. 

along the back wall is the "kitchen". you may be wondering where the fridge is. well, naturally, it's in the closet directly to the left of the "kitchen" that houses the washer + dryer and all of our shoes and clothes.

moving along, directly left of the closet is the "dining room". queen penny eats here too.

directly left of the "dining room" is the bathroom (which is actually huge so it does not warrant quotations). there's a built-in vanity which is perfect for storage. and check out the vintage fan drew's dad sent! i'm in love with it.


directly left of the bathroom is our "bedroom". to the left of our bed you'll find the one lone dresser we share.

storage: drew has a serious book addiction, so there are bins underneath the bed storing books that didn't fit on the bookshelf (along with about 5 boxes in the basement storage unit). a vintage trunk in the corner next to the "front door" houses all linens, towels and bulky clothing items. i hung two contraptions on the wall for jewelry and scarves and such. underneath the vanity is perfect storage space for the hamper and litter box. and little nooks on each side of the "kitchen" are also places to store extra kitchen stuff without taking up valuable counter space.

even though it's ridiculously small for two people + a cat, it's got everything we could possibly need. also, it's just plain hilarious. sleeping next to the kitchen table? eating next to the bathroom? going into the closet for some milk and a shirt? all of this will certainly make for good material to include in my memoir one day...

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