rethinking a trend

when it comes to this year's trends in fashion and design, i have almost no qualms. polka dots, stripes, ombre, they're all wonderful. one trend that i will also admit to loving is the native american or southwestern trend. this is mainly because i grew up surrounded by traditional native american designs and artwork, an aesthetic my father is very partial to. but i am not native american, and i have no concept of the struggles faced by native americans to preserve their culture and have it remain sacred. through my studies of native american college students in my graduate work, i have gained more of an understanding of the challenges these students face on a daily basis. i can't imagine their frustration when they see non-native american students wearing shirts with a giant dream catcher printed across them and fringed at the bottom.

this article, in particular, is so powerful. i'm going to make a conscious effort from now on to rethink this trend. though i find the designs beautiful, i no longer want to purchase items that lose that beauty and authenticity by exploiting native american culture.


  1. I wrote about this today at work! You and I, same wavelength.

  2. :) send me the link to yours! love you