scenes from the weekend

phew! i am exhausted. saturday morning i was up at the ungodly hour of 7 am to set up for the orientation that i planned (only to realize that the janitor had not unlocked the room where it was being held, causing the entire event to run behind schedule). luckily, we pulled it together and i spoke in front of an audience without throwing up or passing out! overall, i'd say it was a success. post-orientation i let myself unwind the best way i know how: shopping, tacos + ice cream with jill. i also welcomed this weekend's chilly and rainy weather with open arms as it gave me an excuse to cozy up with annie hall and a giant mug of tea on the couch all day sunday. 

1. awkward/terribly lit orientation co-planner photo.
2. flutter has the cutest store displays.
3. they even have birds!
4. jill, in line, in the cold rain... we're true ice cream fans (or idiots).
5. salted caramel ice cream with a macaron on top from salt + straw.
6. whole wheat tofu + veggie burrito from cha cha cha.

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