saying thanks

for going on two weeks now, i have been sick to my stomach. for obvious reasons, this hasn't been pleasant. for other reasons too, like living with my boyfriend who gets to witness every minute of it. through my worries, embarrassment and tears over this mystery illness, drew has been an absolute dream. from running out at odd hours for gatorade, driving me to numerous appointments, trying to keep me away from webmd at all costs (no matter which symptoms you enter, it's always cancer), he's been so helpful. last night, i decided to put together a surprise thank you dinner for him.

i made a little card, smitten kitchen's naked tomato sauce over whole wheat linguine (i wanted to drink this sauce!), bought a favorite beer + one of portland's best cupcakes. candles were lit right before he walked in from work. it was the perfect amount of romance on a random wednesday night to let him know how much i appreciate his support.

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  1. youre the cutest! this looks wonderful, hope you two enjoyed a great evening! (and love the JC quote! :)