today i had my first meeting regarding the orientation that i'm planning and conducting this upcoming september for my grad program. considering the fact that i'm the admissions assistant for my department + my interest lies in student affairs, it made sense for me to volunteer my time + put together this event. i'm both extremely excited and nervous. i am a terrible public speaker, so i'm also doing this to prepare myself for my thesis presentation (which is open to the public). for the next month my brain will be occupied with catering orders, rsvp lists, finding alumni guest speakers, googling ways to not throw up while giving a presentation, etc.

but for the brief moment i had to myself, sitting outside in the campus center before my meeting began, it struck me that i have almost been here for a whole year. i can't believe how quickly time has gone by. a year ago i was sitting in the same place, with a textbook i had just bought, reading before my first class. i was terrified + did not know what to expect. though i'm still finding my footing in this new place that i will call home for the next two years, i've learned a lot about myself. i'm hoping to translate some of this new knowledge into my presentation at orientation, with the hope that i can make a few nervous incoming students feel at ease and assure them that everything will be just fine.

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