scenes from the weekend

this post should actually be titled, "scenes (of food and booze) from the weekend". browsing through my pictures today, i realized that all i did this weekend was eat and drink. not that i'm complaining, i'm just feeling a little guilty because i should have been saving my (nonexistent) money for this upcoming week. my dear friend kerry will be visiting from wednesday to monday and we have so much eating, drinking + shopping ahead of us!

1. tequila, fresh lime juice + grapefruit soda.
2. cute back patio of new (vegan!) bar, the sweet hereafter.
3. falafel with grilled eggplant, carmelized onions + greens from wolf and bear's.
4. park lounging with jill.
5. loot from the local farm stand.
6. matching grapefruit + champagne cocktails at gold dust with mary.
7. tofu, egg white, brown rice, black bean + broccoli brunch at isabel pearl. 
8. lovely sign.
9. my adorable fur child taking a snooze.
10. homemade granola bars for drew (recipe to come).

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  1. yay eating & drinking! :)
    wonderful seeing you, lady!