scenes from the weekend (part 1)

i'm borderline obsessed with por que no?, our favorite taco place. we took drew's mom there on her first night in portland, and when we asked her where she wanted to go for lunch on friday, guess where she chose? everything is so delicious + extremely fresh. and the chips! allow me to wax poetic about these chips for a moment. i normally skip the chips or the bread basket at a restaurant. i see them as boring speed bumps on the road to a meal. but these chips are cut from their homemade corn tortillas, then fried until they are warm + crispy yet still slightly chewy. they sprinkle them with a little salt and it's sheer perfection.

though her trip revolved mostly around food, we did manage to squeeze some other experiences into the mix. we visited the international rose test garden on thursday, and walked up to mt. tabor on friday, where we found an unbelievable view of mt. hood. today, we visited the portland state farmer's market + drew's mom is going to put together a meal for us based off what we bought (halibut, salmon, crab meat, purple artichokes, swiss chard, maitake mushrooms, corn on the cob).


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