five things friday

one of my favorite blogs has a fun feature called "five things friday" that i'd like to adopt. it's essentially a list of five things that i'm loving right now.

i treated myself to a mani + pedi because i'm going to a wedding tomorrow. i love the subtle light pink color (essie: fiji) that will go with practically everything.

the new york times travel section. i love sitting out on my deck and getting lost in the beautiful descriptions and pictures of dreamy places that seem so far away. sunday's paper featured provence, madrid and naples + gave me a serious case of wanderlust. 

my grandmother's vintage ray-ban aviators. i went to visit my grandparents today for a cup of tea, and i left with these beauties. i'm absolutely terrified to wear them for fear of losing or breaking them.

my voluspa candle. i have another one in my room in portland, but i forgot how much i loved the scent of the one in my room at home. it's definitely my favorite. 

seeing old friends. tonight i visited my childhood friend, emily, to borrow a dress for tomorrow's wedding + go out to dinner. fun fact: in 7th grade, emily punched me in the stomach and we did not speak to each other until we were forced to make amends as lab partners in 10th grade biology. i'd like to think we've matured since then.

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