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getting a stipend deposited into my bank account on the last day of each month is rough. let's just say that budgeting is not my strong suit. choosing to buy organic, whole foods makes my body happy, but not my wallet. my macaron obsession and little trips "just to look" in j.crew after work are not so helpful either. a week before pay day every month, i find myself in the same position: completely broke and lusting for things that i can't afford. ahem...

you will be mine this coming tuesday.

{i've been looking for a pair of nude pointy flats for a while now, and these ones from urban outfitters are perfect.}

{i'd like to buy the entire current collection of essie nail polishes, but this one in particular (braziliant) is my favorite.}

{i have a summer craft on the agenda involving wallpaper. i want to cover a hideous portion of drew's desk that i have to stare at every morning when i wake up, and this pattern is so lovely.}

{i've been dreaming about making this chocolate tart since i bookmarked the recipe, but i can never bring myself to cough up the money for coconut oil. must make it soon.}

despite being low on funds, last night i gave into a few things i've been lusting after lately. drew played a show with his band patina at mississippi pizza and i had my heart set on two things: pizza and ice cream. i got a whole wheat pizza with garlic & olive oil base, fresh tomatoes, feta, artichoke hearts, basil and pine nuts.

leftovers. still delicious.


after my pizza craving was satisfied, i moved on in search of ruby jewel treats, for their caramel with salted dark chocolate ice cream. our visitor, garrett, treated me (no pun intended) to a scoop and i thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

drew and garrett.

(half-eaten) cup of heaven.

though my budgeting skills leave much to be desired, i'm trying to work on only splurging when it's necessary. chocolate coconut milk tart with a hazelnut crust? completely necessary. along with the shoes. and definitely the wallpaper.

back of drew's desk.

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